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Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 13:00

Pakita is located in southeast of the capital Kabul, which has 14 administrative units including the provincial capital. Provincial council of the province has nine members, including two women.
The report contains view of people from different parts of the province. The people expressed mixed reaction with regard of the country future with special reference the upcoming presidential ballots, peace process and the looming process of foreign forces withdrawal from the country.
The residents asked the Afghan government, international community, foreign troops and civil society institutions to extend their all out support to the Afghan-led peace process. They underlined the need to ensure transparency in upcoming presidential polls and eliminating hurdles before the ballot process.
Fraud-riddled elections will be meaningless: Residents
Birgat Khan, a resident of Paktia province said previous parliamentary elections were tainted with corruption, with many public representatives got Wolesi Jirga and Provincial Council seats by employing means tactics and malpractices. He said many contenders were trying to influence the election panel.
He warned public would say away from casting their vote if the poll panel could not convince people to actively take part.
Stringent efforts needed to build peace: Member of a civil society
Azizullah, a civil society member observed the current peace process was very complicated, saying the move was apparently pushed by government, the US and armed opposition.
Peace is collectively needed by all and sundry, he said civil society, political parties and the public were being given more roles in these efforts.
My vote is worthless because I don’t cast ballot: Farmer
Jalil, a resident of Sayed Karam district said he did not witness any progress in his life over the past decade. Farmer by profession, he said he neither took part in the past presidential polls nor intending to take part in the upcoming presidential ballot.
The elections will be a symbolic process, he said, adding a contender was tend to become the next president whom the United States favour.
There are changes but not lasting: Journalist
Haqmal Masoodzai, a journalist from Pakita said the province witnessed tangible progress in various spheres over the past decade, adding that many projects had been executed throughout the province but did not last long.
He said Afghan government and donor agencies must introduce a policy, which would help provide lasting working opportunities in larger interests of the people.
I am undecided to participate in the next ballot: Shopkeeper   
Though he exercised his voting right in the past presidential elections but this time Mohammadullah, a shopkeeper in Gardiz city expressed hesitation whether to cast his vote or otherwise. After hearing fraud allegations, he was disappointed whether or not to partake in the polls.
He said they would cast their vote in upcoming elections if Afghan government helped ensure transparency in the process.
Provincial Council Member wants transparency in upcoming polls
Zarghona Himat, a provincial council member said many people would not exercise their right to vote during the upcoming elections if the Afghan government failed to ensure transparency in the process.
She said the election panel had lost confidence among the public as a result of widespread fraud allegations in the previous ballot.
School teacher wants elimination of administrative corruption
Salima, a teacher from Halima Khazan School in Gardiz city said she had some sort of expectations from the next president.She said the country’s next president was direly needed to tackle administrative corruption and accelerates peace efforts with armed opposition in order to end the current violence around the country. In addition, the upcoming president must develop the education and public health sectors and explore development activities, he added.