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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 14:45

QALAT (PAN): People of the volatile Zabul demanded the government was direly needed to enhance security, good governance and ensure early completion of rehabilitation projects with more focus on education sector.
Abdul Haleem, resident of Daichopan district said the residents had been demanding strict security in the province, adding that development of the province was directly related to the improved law and order.
In his chat with Pajhwok Afghan News, he said insecurity left many schools to be closed down while medical services in hospital did not exist. He said insurgents planted bombs on almost all the highways.
People of Zabul are deprived of basic necessities of life, he said, demanding the government should explore measures to strengthen law and order in the province.
Muhmadullah, s resident of Barakzo area in Qalat city said their prime demand was establishment of peace, demanding that more security forces personnel should be deployed to insecure areas to arrest peace and flush out militants.
He said after the deployment of Afghan Local Police (ALP) in some parts of Zabul, security was then improved to great extend.
He said people could not go for work into their fields due to improvised explosive devices and mini fire fight, adding that most of the families shifted from Qalat to security parts of the province.
Noor Mohammad, a resident of Sayori district demanded that closed schools should be reopened so that families could educate their kids.
He said both government and Taliban should develop consensuses to protect schools and allow children to pursue their education careers in peaceful environment.
He said education was a panacea for all diseases, adding that the current turmoil would continue unless they did not educate their children.
Alhaj Karimullah, a resident of Shah Joy district said bolstering of security and creation of more job opportunities should be the top most priority of the government.
He said Taliban did not allow people to participate in the rehabilitation projects, saying the residents of Zabul suffered due to unemployment with many young people of the province were forced to work in Pakistan and Iran.
He urged the Taliban to shun the trend of fighting otherwise people were leaving their homes. He asked the militants to allow people to take part in the rehabilitation and development projects in the province, which would bring prosperity and progress to the area.
Abdul Wali, a resident of Qalat city said the government should prevent the growing trend of corruption and ensure the implementation of law and order.
He said provincial government failed to provide justice and other legal protection to the locals due to lawlessness and corruption. He said people preferred to resolve their internal disputes by the involvement of local elders as they lost their trust on the judicial system because of rampant corruption.
Mir Alam, resident of Mizan district said the implementation of direly needed projects should be the top priority of the government.
He informed the completed projects were of temporary and small scale, which could not last for long.
“The government should explore ways to construct dams, power stations and put the agriculture sector on modern lines by launching more projects. Such kinds of steps will help benefit the people of the area in the long run and bolster their living standard,” he added.