Demands From President

ASAD ABAD (PAN): People in Kunar demand of the government to construct dams elsewhere in the province, which would help generate electricity and irrigate thousands acres of lands.
They are of the opinion that construction of dams would leave far-reaching positive impact on their economy.
They said Kunar River and other small rivers flow in the heart of the province while authorities are unable to kick off construction of dams. Ultimately, the waters of the rivers flow toward Pakistan without any use of it.

Residents of eastern Kunar province want construction of a hydroelectric dam and security and stability from the upcoming president.
Kunar province shares a 260-kilometer border with Pakistan and has 14 districts.
Kunar province has nine seats in the provincial council and three of them are allotted for female representatives. Fifty-seven people nominated themselves for the provincial council elections, including only three women.