Demands From President

KANDAHAR (PAN): The residents of southern Kandahar Province vehemently demand of the Afghan government and international community to help stabilize security, build power dams, and help them ensure access to their agriculture products to markets.
The Kandahar residents want the Afghan government and the global fraternity to help remove unemployment, reform education sector, builds roads linking Kandahar to other districts, and improves governance in remote areas.

Although a number of people in Kandahar feel change in their lives in the past five years, they still complain about the security situation and ask the next president to ensure security in the country.
Consisting of 15 official and two unofficial districts, Kandahar has 15 members in its provincial council (four of them are women). It is located around 500 kilometres south of Kabul.
Kandahar is known as the birthplace of the Taliban movement. The people work as  farmers and traders; poppy cultivation and smuggling are also major parts of the economy.