Badghis water, power problems to be resolved

KABUL (PAN): The Badghis governor on Monday said his administration would resolve the problems of clean drinking water supply and electricity through importing power from Turkmenistan.
In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, Ahmadullah Alizai listed ensuring security, combating corruption and smuggling, implementing reconstruction schemes and improving education as his priorities for Badghis.
Considerable progress has been made in importing electricity from Turkmenistan, a move that would benefit people of the province in the near future, he claimed, adding four big wells would be dug up in Qadis district to resolve the potable water supply problem.
Water from the wells would be supplied through a canal system to Qala-i-Naw, the provincial capital, he explained. The project, when completed, will help control water-borne diseases.
Since assumption of office in April, he as launched work on asphalting roads, construction of parks, water sprinklers, a car park and the main gate of the governor’s house, he said.
Up to 1,600 armed militants had so far joined the peace process in the province, the governor said, identifying peace talks with the rebels as one of his other priorities.
The government would not let irresponsible armed groups harass people and grab people’s properties, promised Alizai, who asked the masses to cooperate with the authorities in maintaining security in the province.
All people had equal rights under the constitution, he remarked, warning against violations of the law of the land. He acknowledged public cooperation with efforts for law enforcement, reconstruction and education-promoting initiatives.  
“In the absence of people’s help, the government cannot achieve development goals single-handedly,” the governor believed, asking the masses to freely share their problems with him. “I’m a public servant,” he concluded.