First female PC head pledges efficiency

BAMYAN (Pajhwok): Tayyeba Khawari, first female headed provincial council in central Bamyan province, said on Thursday that women had been playing a highly significant role in Afghanistan and she would prove that women could perform their duties efficiently as men.
Khawari was sworn-in as Bamyan provincial council head last week by winning five out of nine votes.
In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, she believed women could deliver more than their current symbolic roles in Afghan society.
She said that women did not have a prominent role in government departments in Bamyan and she wanted to change this because she believed that women could be better managers too.
“It is my duty to break the clichés that women aren’t as capable as men” she said, adding that “With the plans that we have, you would soon witness Bamyan provincial council to work better than other provincial councils in the country.”
Before running for provincial council, she had worked as a teacher and a civil society activist. She promised to Bamyan provincial council to be more accountable and she would give people the power to supervise its activities.
She vowed to work together with people for the improvement of the overall situation in Bamyan and with consult them in all walks of life.
Bamyan residents welcomed their female provincial council head and she expressed optimism that they would fully cooperate with her.
She was born in Ande village of Yakawlang district and she is now 31. She has studied history in Bamyan University.
This year, 52 candidates contested elections in Bamyan and only seven men and two women made their way to provincial council.