Governor claims resolving many disputes

KHOST CITY (PAN): Dozens of tribal disputes over property ownership have been resolved over the past two years in the southeastern Khost province, a senior official claimed on Sunday.
At least 30 disputes over ownership of mountains, deserts, forests and cultivable land were settled by a joint commission having representatives of government institutions, civil society and tribal elders, the Khost governor said.
In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, Abdul Jabbar Naeemi said the government would exercise legal power to resolve the disputes in case of violations of the commission’s decisions.
“Up to 80 years old disputes among Muqbil, Mangal, Borikhel, Shamal, Gorbaz, Haidarkhel and Wazi Liwankhel tribes have been addressed by the commission,” he revealed.
Tribal feuds had previously led to deterioration in the security situation, the governor recalled, explaining the dispute resolution process had brought peace to many.
The return to normalcy had paved the ground for execution of reconstruction projects and enforcement of the government’s writ in a number of remote places, the official added.
Naeemi continued tribal clashes in the past had brought a bad name to the province, where many people were deprived of education. Availability of weapons fuelled insecurity and caused casualties and losses to the people.
However, the governor said, the unlicenced weapons had been handed over to the Disbandment of Illegal Armed Group (DIAG).
The government should set up checkpoints in the areas where tribes had property disputes to prevent possible clashes, suggested a resident of Bak district, Mohibullah Mostaan. He acknowledged reconstruction plans had been initiated and children were again going to schools.