By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:22/09/2019
FIROZKOH (Pajhwok): Many women in western Ghor province say no problem can stop them from participating in this month’s presidential election and they will prevent the ballot from being rigged by... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:27/02/2019
FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): A number of women in western Ghor province say they fear the ongoing peace negotiations with the Taliban could lead to a retreat from achievements of the past two de... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:11/02/2019
FIROZKOH (Pajhwok): A young woman has opened a restaurant in western Ghor province and created jobs for another 10 women in Lal wa Sar Jangal district of the province challenging gender-based dis... Read More

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FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): The government has failed to eradicate poppy farms even in areas under its control in western Ghor province due to increased insecurity and a presence of illegal armed men there, officials acknowledged on Wednesday.
Provincial counternarcotics authorities say the Ghor administration has been unable to win the annual prize for Zero Poppy Cultivationamounting to one million dollars for the past three years, as cultivation of the illicit crop has resumed in the province.

FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): The newly-appointed female governor of western Ghor province on Wednesday pledged to gear up efforts for fighting administrative graft, disputes settlement, beefed up security and empowering women would be her top priority.
Sima Joyenda was welcomed at a ceremony arranged in her in which thousands of people took part. Sima, previously represented Ghor in the parliament, expressed gratitude to the unity government for appointing a her as Ghor governor for the first time.

FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): Absenteeism, growing disenchantment of the masses and brazen corruption in government departments are symbolic of weak governance in Ghor province, public representatives and human rights advocates say.
Due to the absence of many provincial officials from duty, the people repeatedly visit government departments but their problem remain unresolved. Government servants are fast becoming disheartened in the absence of full-time provincial chief executives.


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By: Pajhwok R... , Date:22/09/2019

Nothing can stop us from voting, assert Ghor women

FIROZKOH (Pajhwok): Many women in western Ghor province sa... Read More


Commanders forcibly collecting voter cards
By: Muhammad H... , Date:01/04/2014

Commanders forcibly collecting voter cards

  CHAGHCHARAN (Pajhwok): Local commanders and their gunmen are forcibly... Read More

Provincial Council

مردم ولسوالى پسابند در محاصرۀ اقتصادى قرار دارند
By: Muhammad H... , Date:14/10/2015

Pasaband residents...

FIROZKOH (Pajhwok): Residents of Pasaband district of western Ghor province ha... Read More


صدها جوان تحصيلکرده در ولايت غور از بيکارى رنج ميبرند
By: Muhammad H... , Date:28/03/2015

Jobless Ghor youth ponder swelling Taliban’s ranks

FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): About 400 educated youth remain unemployed in western Ghor... Read More


Abdullah to build Kabul-Herat highway if elected
By: Abdullah to build Ka... , Date:11/06/2014

Abdullah to build Kabul-Herat highway if elected

  FIROZKOH (Pajhwok): Presidential runner Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesd... Read More