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ZARANJ (Pajhwok): Residents of Nimroz say the media situation in the southwestern province is of grave concern, paving the way for Iranian news outlets to influence the local culture. There are currently no daily n... Read More
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ZARANJ/ (Pajhwok): Former provincial council head of southwestern Nimroz province survived a gun attack that left one of his bodyguards dead, an official said on Tuesday. A security official in Nimroz wishing anony... Read More
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ZARANJ (Pajhwok): The provincial council of southwestern Nimroz province says it has made many achievements in implementing infrastructural projects, but residents complain the council lacks vision to combat adminis... Read More

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ZARANJ (PAN): Residents of Nimroz demand enhanced security, potable water and measures to stem growing drug smuggling in the province.
Gul Ahmad, a resident of Zaranj said they did not want anything from the government except provision of clean drinking water. The Helmand River was flowing toward Iran through Nimroz but the people of the province could not utilize even a drop of the water.

ZARANJ (PAN): Resident of Nimroz province complained of growing insecurity but officials were of the opinion that lawlessness in the neighbouring Farah and Helmand provinces contributed to the surging insecurity of the province.
Officials in Nimroz said Taliban militants used to sneak into the province from Helmand and Farah caused destruction. Nimroz is one of the provinces situated in far-flung area of the country, sharing border with Iran and Pakistan too.
Most of the Nimroz districts were experiencing insecurity and large scale lawlessness.

ZARANJ (PAN): Nimroz official said implementation of big projects in the province had helped provided the people with hundreds of job opportunities.
However, refuting officials’ claims, residents complained lack of basic facilities and demanded the government should do more to initiate reconstruction projects in the province.
Mohammad Qasim Zadri, deputy governor of Nimroz told Pajhwok Afghan News implementation of reconstruction projects in the province had provided the people with job opportunities during the last decade.

ZARANJ (PAN): Education has been moving on path to progress in the capital and its suburbs but people of the far-flung districts of Nimroz complain the vital sector faces formidable challenges that need to be resolved without further delay.
Residents and officials of Nimroz province said most of the schools in the province were facing lack of professional teachers, textbooks and proper buildings.

ZARANJ (PAN): People of the restive southwestern Nimroz said their main sources of economy were agriculture and business, demanding the government should help the local community to bolster the sectors.
The volatile draught-hit Nimroz shares borders with Iran and Pakistan with the province has immense trade and economic activities with Tehran.
Muhammad Qasim Khadri, Nimroz deputy governor said local businessmen import oil and other stuff from Iran and then they exported the items to rest of the provinces in Afghanistan.

1 – Voice of Friendship:
Considered one of a vibrant radio channel in Nimroz, Voice of Friendship was established by Syed Abdullah Rahmani in Nimroz province. Its expenses are being met with the help of its commercials. It has ten employees.
Contacts: 0700567725
2 – Shafa Monthly:

1 – Hawai ZaranJ:
The Hawai Zaranj serves the masses in various spheres in an attempt to promote public awareness in multi-dimensional areas. It was established in 2004. Fazal Rasoul Mahmodi heads the organization.
Contacts: 0799599911
2 – Nimroz Women Association:
The association strives to promote women rights in the province. Shah Gul Gulzada heads the association and starts to uphold the women rights since 2010.
Contacts: 0795036256
3 – The Vulnerable Women:

45-Bibi Haji Khairu Nisa Ghami:
Elected Senator
Bibi Haji Khairu Nisa Ghami 45 is the daughter of Khairuddin Ghami. She was born in Kang District of Nimroz Province in 1963. She passed 14th grade. She served as teacher in different schools of Zaranj City, trainer of outreach department of Joint Electoral Management Body and as representative of Nimroz in Constitution Codification Secretariat.
Contact:  0797038718
46- Bii Haji Roh Gul Khairzad:
Elected Senator

Mohammad Sarwar Sabaat Son of Mohammad Hassan was born in 1951 in Dar Abad village of Farah city in Farah province.
He got his primary education at his hometown from Abu Nasr Farahi College. He achieved higher education from Kabul University in Science faculty.
In 1974, Sabaat he completed military course in Kandahar. He started working at Helmand education department in 1975 and then served as principal at Abu Nasr Farahi High School in Farah city.

Along with head of the panel, Nimroz provincial council has nine members. Four of them served in the previous tenure as well.
1. Baz Mohammad Nasir:
Baz Mohammad Nasir is the son of Haji Abdul Qayyum Nasir. He was born in Iran in 1983 at a time when his family was living a refugee life there. He is a 12th class graduate in Iran and received his bachelor and then master degree in economics and political science from India. Serving as incumbent head of Nimroz provincial council, Nasir is the owner of Nimroz Cement Company.


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Iranian media influencing Nimroz culture
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Iranian media influencing Nimroz culture

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Provincial Council

Ex-PC head in Nimroz survives rebel attack
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Ex-PC head in Nimr...

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