By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:20/10/2015
SAR-I-PUL CITY (Pajhwok): Some government servants in three districts of northern Sar-i-Pul province have not received their salaries over the past few months due to highway insecurity, officials said on Tues... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:10/10/2015
MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): The newly-appointed governor for northern Sar-i-Pul province on Saturday pledged to improve the law and order situation with the support of people and central government. During a... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:07/10/2015
SAR-I-PUL CITY (Pajhwok): Thousands of people, with some carrying weapons, on Wednesday rallied in central Sar-i-Pul province in a show of support for Afghan security forces. Some 6,000 people, including l... Read More

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SAR-I-PUL (PAN): Residents of Sari-e-Pul province said most of the schools in the province were facing serious problems including lack of efficient and professional teachers, textbooks and proper buildings.
The vital education sector did not receive proper attention of the concerned departments, leaving the volatile Sar-i-Pul backward in terms of education and literacy rate, residents said.

SAR-I-PuL CITY (PAN): Officials said rehabilitation work in the province had been expedited but it was moving with a slow-paced during the past, causing considerable delay to complete the allocated projects.   
Earlier, the official said large scale development was witnessed in education sector, road infrastructure and demining sector during the last decade.
Abdul Jabbar Haqbin, governor of Sar-i-Pol province told Pajhwok Afghan News rehabilitation and development project could not be implemented in the province because of multiple problems.

SAR-I-PUL (PAN): The residents of northern Sar-i-Pul province said they were facing immense problems because of lack of educational facilities and poor agriculture system.  
They said lack of irrigation water had badly hit the agriculture sector, leaving 50 percent agro lands uncultivated annually. They identified absence of buildings for schools, efficient teachers and textbooks were among hurdles hampering progress of the vital sector.

Sar-i-Pul residents want to participate in upcoming elections  with zeal
Located to the north of the country, Sar-i-Pul along with the provincial capital comprised seven administrative units.
Balkhab, Sancharak, Gosfandi, Sozma Qala, Sayad and Khositanat are the six districts of the province. A Pajhwok journalist while compiling the report collected the views of a number of residents of the province.
A school teacher: My son and daughters got voter cards in order to partake in the polls:

SAR-I-PUL (PAN): Sar-i-Pul residents demanded asphalting of roads and provision of electricity to the people of what they said neglected province of the country.
“The surrounding provinces enjoy broader facilities including access to electricity, potable water, graveled roads and modern education facilities but we are deprived of the services,” they added.
Sifatullah, a resident of provincial capital lamented his province had neither electricity nor asphalted roads, adding the concerned officials had a double standard approach in developing his province.

1.      Radio Bano:
Radio Bano is one of the vibrant media in Sar-e-Pul established by Shafiullah Azizi. The radio starts airing programs in 2007. Its broadcast starts from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm with coverage of 30 kilometers area. It has 12 staff member with eight of them are females. Shafullah Aziz is proprietor while Shafiqullah Haideri is its managing director.
Contact: 0797909014  
Email Address:

1 – Anbir Development Association:
Anbir Development Association was established in 2011. It has launched capacity development programs and strived to bolster cinema and theater. It is also offering computer and English language training programs for people. Atila Noori heads the organization.
Contacts: 0793779182
2 – Bahar Agriculture and Livestock Items Selling Association:

59- Maulvi Habib-ur- Rahman:
Elected senator:
Alhaj Maulvi Habib-ur- Rahman is the son of Mohammad. He was born in Kohistanat District of Sar-i-Pul Province in 1968. He got religious education and then served as religious teachers in various Madrassas.  He has political affiliation with Jamiyat-i-Islami Party.
Contact: 0787768412- 0775301218
60-Masoma Shadab:
Elected senator:

The northern Sar-i-Pul province of Afghanistan achieved its status as separate province in 1988 after it was ceded a district of Jawzjan province.
The province has a total seven administrative unites, the capital Sar-i-Pul city and Kohistanat, Sozma Qala, Sanag charakh, Gosfandi, Sayyad and Balkhab districts.
Sar-i-Pul province is located eastern 35 degrees, 30 minutes, northern 36 degrees and 13 minutes, southern 66 degrees, 30 minutes and western 65 degrees and 2 minutes.

215- Haji Khair Muhammad Aymaq
Elected from: Sar-i-Pul, Votes: 9224


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