Special Reports

PUL-I-KHUMRY (PAN): Located in northeast of the country, Baghlan is considered an impassable province of the country, which is rich in precious underground reserves.
Natural resources, in particular coalmines of Baghlan have greater fame, which are widely used by locals and exported to neighboring Pakistan too.
Karkar, Dodkash, Ahan Dara, Khurd Dara, Chinarak, Shin Dara, Alogak, Tala war and Barfak are among coalmines, which are being extracted in a non professional way by local groups, damaging most of the precious items.

PUL-I-KHUMRI (PAN): Tangible progress has been made in education sector after the fall of Taliban but still 50 % schools have no buildings and are experiencing lack of professional teachers.
The extension of education facilities to far-flung areas are among serious challenges being confronted by the vital sector in Baghlan.

PULI KHUMRI (PAN): Most of the Baghlanies eke out their livelihood by working in industries, agriculture, orchards and livestock.
The booming factories offers vast working opportunities for a portion of people in the province and the economy of industrial workers seen grew up during the past year.        

PULI KHUMRI (PAN): Admitting that insecurity is still haunting some parts of the province including Baghlan Jadid, governor of Baghlan said security and law and order had been improved during the last five years in the area under his command.    
Offering details of security parameters, Baghlan Governor Sultan Muhammad Ibadi claimed writ of the government had been established in Baghlan’s 14 districts. He said government functionaries could now easily travel to any part of the province with a single escort.

PULI KHUMRI (PAN): Though the rehabilitation projects are underway in the province, Baghlan governor alleged the previous administration did not properly implement the rehabilitation policies.  
Baghlan Governor Sultan Muhammad said 4,000 small projects of dams, schools, clinics, protecting walls, bridges and roads had been completed in different districts of the province during the past five years. He expressed concern by saying large scale projects could not be completed by the previous administration, which would help generate more employment opportunities.