Special Reports

MAIMANA (Pajhwok): The northern Faryab province is rich in natural resources, including gas, salt and oil but the natural reserves cannot be utilized in a proper way.
Research and geological studies suggest there are abundant mineral reserves elsewhere in the province where the environment is favorable for their extraction.
Of 212kinds of metals and stones reserves, as many as 70 percent of them can be extracted but the government did not bother to explore the rich underground reserves which would bring prosperity and development to the country.

MAIMANA (PAN): Provincial authorities say security situation in Faryab province is comparatively better but express fear that nascent law and order can deteriorate if proper attention is not given to maintain tight security.
Faryab is the northern province of the country where bolstered security is considered of paramount importance.
Faryab Governor Mohammadullah Baktash insists security is considerably better as compared to the past.

MAIMANA (PAN): Faryab local authorities said slow-paced construction work on some projects was a matter of concern for the people of the province despite the fact that reconstruction of some projects including dams and roads had been implemented.
Faryab Governor Mohammadullah Batash said extension of Turkmenistan electricity line to Maimana city and some other districts were among important projects, which helped benefited thousands of families.

MAIMANA (PAN): The vital education sector in Faryab faces a number of challenges including lack of schools’ buildings, professional teachers and problems of timely distribution of textbooks among students of the province. 
Locals identified lack of transportation for teachers and students was also among the major problems being faced by the vital sector for years.
Ahmadullah Arab, head of Faryab education department said people of his province had great love for education and willingly send their kids to schools.

MAIMANA (PAN): The economy of Faryab people mainly depends on agriculture, livestock and carpets’ weaving industry and the people seek government cooperation to develop the vital sectors.  
The people of Faryab still face formidable challenges in different areas. The province shares border with Turkmenistan.