Special Reports

After Kabul, Herat is the second most populated province of Afghanistan. Located in the west part of the country, Herat borders Iran and Turkmenistan.
Bestowed with abundant natural resources in its remote parts, the province has copper, iron, coal, marble, lithium, salt, stucco and precious stones deposits.
Herat Mines and Petroleum Director Eng. Abdul Jamil Ilyas said that natural resources in the province had been divided into three categories -- large, medium and small.

Herat (PNA): Insecurity in the volatile Herat Province is getting deteriorated dramatically, posing a grave challenge for the government to reverse the tide of lawlessness, said residents and members of provincial council of the region.
Authenticating concerns of the residents and members of provincial council regarding lapses in security, the concerned authorities held out promises to launch targeted search operations to purge the area of militants. The officials said that no stone would be left unturned to improve security and law and order.

Herat (PNA): Authorities say that education sector is moving ahead with tandem in the Herat Province and there are no visible hurdles to stop its progress.
Provincial Education Director Abdul Baseer Arween Tahiri says that “schools are functioning well in the center as well as in districts. Schools and education institutions are safe even in insecure areas where people extend their every possible cooperation to the education authorities.

Herat (PAN): Though the economy of Herat people mainly depends on agriculture and livestock, business and industries activities witness record boom, officials said.  
However, people of the province complain of facing multiple problems in agriculture and livestock sectors.

Herat (PAN): Officials say the outgoing decade saw implementation of multiple development projects in Herat that led to creation of more opportunities for jobless youth of the province.