Special Reports

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): The northern Jawzjan province has immense gas reserves but stringent measures are needed to exploit the natural resources of the province in larger national interests, locals said. 
Bordering Turkmenistan, the province has five known areas rich in gas reservoirs. The natural gas is one of the valuable resources of Afghanistan but the country could not be able to exploit it judiciously.

SHEBIRGHAN (PAN): Security officials of Jawzjan province say security situation has now improved considerably as compared to the past and all roads are opened with the exception of some in far-flung localities.
Eng. Abdur Rahman, deputy of Jawzjan says insurgents are weak and the security forces are getting professionals.
He said local police had brought great changes in safeguarding Darzab and Qushtepah districts. People feel safe and job opportunities have been created in areas where security has improved.

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): The vital Jawzjan education sector faces multiple challenges such as absence of school buildings, lack of efficient and professional teachers and relevant stationeries. 
However, education sector has gained some impetus in some parts of the province as compared to the past but much more is needed to develop the sector.
Despite precarious security situation in Darzab and Qushtepah districts, male and female schools are opened and functioning normally.

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Officials said economy of Jawzjan province could not flourish and investors were not willing to invest in the province because of multiple problems. 
Known as an economic corridor among Balkh, Faryab and Sar-i-Pul provinces, Jawzjan failed to attract substantial investment.
The province is rich as far as its natural resources are concerned but its resources could not be utilized in larger interests of the locals.

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Hundreds of development projects have been executed over the past five years in northern Jawzjan province, but a number of mega projects being implemented in the province post 2013 were yet to be completed.
Projects such as electricity and potable water supply from Jawzjan to five districts were among the proposed schemes to be implemented the year in Jawzjan. However, work on its construction was being delayed from one to another year.