Special Reports

ASADABAD (PAN): Known as one of the mountainous regions, the eastern Kunar province is excessively rich in natural resources especially mines of precious and semi-precious stones, which need to be extracted in a legal and professional way.
Located in the eastern part of the country, the province has several mines of precious and semi-precious stones while its excavation is continued illegally and nonprofessionally. The mines are being smuggled to outside countries since long but the authorities’ concerned yet to take any step.

ASAD ABAD: (PAN): The security and law and order in Kunar province is now significantly improved, officials said.
Kunar Governor Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi said all the districts of the province including the capital of Kunar is in government control, adding that none of the check posts fell to militants. 
He said Kunar shares 260 kilometers long border with Pakistan and most of the roads are four lanes.

ASAD ABAD (PAN): Multiple reconstruction projects have been implemented in the volatile Kunar province during the last decade but the standard of its quality is too poor, officials and residents said.         
Governor Kunar Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi said around $500 million has been spent on the rehabilitation projects elsewhere in the province during the last nine years.
He said financial assistance for reconstruction is extended by the USAID and other donors.

ASAD ABAD (PAN): The vital education sector in Kunar is progressing well without any fear of obstacles to hamper its evolution, officials said.
Sayed Jamal-u-Din, provincial head of education department expressed with satisfaction that education faces no challenges in his area. 
Outlining the overall strength of educational institution in his area of jurisdiction, he said the province has 249 primary with 11 of them are boys, 42 are girls while the rest 196 serves boys as wells girls’ kids jointly.

ASAD ABAD: Economy of the people of Kunar mainly depend on agriculture, livestock and trade but the sectors face immense obstacles and downward trend, officials and residents said.
The dense forest of Kunar too contributes greatly to bolster the overall economy of the people. However, chopping of forest trees in large number on the one hand and the government reluctance to take notice of the illegal timber business on the other put the people into immense trouble.