Special Reports

KONDUZ (Pajhwok): Officials said that several mines of natural reservoirs such as petroleum, phosphorus and oxy acetylenehad been existed northern Kunduz province but their extraction could not yet start due to the reasons best known to high authorities.
Bordering Tajikistan, Kunduzhad six mines with most famous petroleum, phosphorus, oxy acetylene, stucco and stones that were being used for construction purposes.

KUNDUZ (PAN): Residents of Kunduz while rejecting officials’ view point said rehabilitation projects in the province could not be implemented as were expected by the people earlier. 
Earlier, officials of the province said record rehabilitation work had been done during the last decade elsewhere in Kunduz.
 “Many projects are underway to help address people’s problems in transportation, electricity and water distribution sectors,” the official said.

KUNDUZ CITY (PAN): Residents of Kunduz expressed their concerns over fast-growing insecurity amid heavy presence of armed rebels including foreign and local miscreants in parts of the province while security officials said law and order of the province was excellent.
Recently, residents in Dasht-i-Archi, Chardara and Qala-i-Zal districts expressed concerns over reemergence of Taliban miscreants who demanded the government should work out strategy to purge the area of anti-state elements by launching a decisive military operation.

KUNDUZ CITY (PAN): Provincial education officials acknowledged absence of school buildings and lack of professional teachers were serious challenges confronted by the vital education sector that still could not be resolved. 
They said six years back as many as 300 schools were functional with its strength was now surged to 473 with 250 among them had no proper buildings.
Muhammad Zahir Nazam, head of provincial education department told Pajhwok Afghan News 310 were high while the rest were primary and secondary schools.

KUNDUZ (PAN): Economy of the people of northern Kunduz province depends on agriculture and livestock but residents and growers complained about shortage of irrigation water, warehouse and market access for their agriculture products. 
Kunduz growers face irrigation water shortage, lack of warehouse and market access