Special Reports

Paktiais located 120 kilometres south of capital Kabul close to Durand Line. Paktia is of great importance in terms of having underground riches, but the province is neglected in terms of conducting mining exploration survey there. 
Provincial petroleum and mining department says many mines have so far been detected in Paktia but fully could not be utilized. Some of them are as follow.
1 – Chromites:
Chromitesmines are located in ShnaZhawara area of Ahmad Abad, Tanga area of Janikhel, Sinjaklocality of Syed Karam and Makawa area of Zurmat districts.

GARDIZ (PAN): The residents of Paktia noticed considerable improvement in the overall security situation but expressed their concern over the roadside bombing blats and mid-night military raids elsewhere in the province.
Some districts of the province such as Zurmat, Shawak, Gardah Seria, Wazi Zadran are among the insecure areas where militants of Haqani network in Janikhel, Malvi Mansoor group in Zadran, and Hizb-e-Islami in Zazi districts have sanctuaries from where they stage attacks in various parts of the country.

GARDIZ (PAN):  Provincial officials said hundreds of large and small scale rehabilitation projects were implemented in Paktia province but residents expressed concern by saying that much more was needed to be done to develop the province.
Sources said there were no large scale projects, however, work on the Machlgho dam, Khost-Gardiz Road and other projects of public welfare were underway.

GARDIZ (PAN): Authorities in Paktia said the vital education sector was moving ahead with tandem but the province was facing lack of schools and educational institutions.
Eng. Mehrabuddin Shaffaq, director provincial education department said education progressed very well with enrollment of thousands of new students during the past decade, admitting that the sector could not be developed as it was needed.

GARDIZ (PAN): The economy of Paktia province depends mainly on agriculture, trade and semi trade activities, residents said.
Geographically, the province has little plain area suitable for agricultural purposes, however, the productive nature of little area produces greater profits for the farmers.
Agriculture and Livestock:
Niaz Mohammad Lali Zadran, provincial head of agriculture department was of the opinion that 75% people were associated with the profession of agriculture.