Special Reports

Situated in western part of the country, Ghor province is surrounded by Herat, Daikundi, Faryab, Farah and Jawzjan provinces.
No official survey has been conducted so far to estimate the volume of natural resources in the mountainous province, but local officials and residents believe huge deposits of metallic and non-metallic minerals are available in Ghor.

CHAGHCHARAN (PAN): Police chief of the volatile Ghor said that the security forces have the capability to counter insurgents’ attacks following extended cooperation by the locals.
Some areas of the province have been experiencing insecurity, he acknowledged, vowing that his forces are making all out efforts to ensure security in the nook and corner of Ghor.
Dilawer Shah Dilawer, police chief of the restive province said despite inadequate security forces deployed in the province, his forces had the capability to counter Taliban attacks with the cooperation of the locals.

CHIGHCHARAN (PAN): Officials and residents of the volatile Ghor province have conflicting opinions with regard of implementation of reconstruction projects being done in the province.
“We need asphalted roads. Dams should be constructed and supply of potable water should be ensured,” residents said.  
Ghor Governor Sayyed Anwar Rahmati says reconstruction process had implemented throughout the province during the current years.

CHAGHCHARAN (PAN): Though some progress has been achieved to promote the education in the volatile Ghor, grave nature of challenges including militants opposing the vital sector in the province have yet to be tackled.
Education department officials said there were more than 780 schools in Ghor with 180 of them are female, 15 co-education and rests are male schools. As many as 20, 0000 including 70,000 female students were being imparted education by 4,400 teachers.

CHAGHCHARAN (PAN): Three big rivers flow through the province but authorities miserably failed to construct water reservoirs in Ghor province where 90% of its economy depends on agriculture and livestock.
In addition, weaving carpets by women folk as well as trade and commerce are other economic activities flourish in the province.
The residents of Ghor fulfill their economic needs from Herat province as their roads were in dilapidated conditions.