Special Reports

TARINKOAT (Pajhwok): Surveys conducted in the past shown the central Uruzgan province had large scale reservoirs of natural resources, officials of provincial mines department said.
Ahmad JavedKhpalwak, provincial director of mines department, told Pajhwok Afghan News the previoussurveys proved that mines of precious stones and gold had existed in the capital city and some districts of the province.
Provincial mines department was established which had been striving to initiate fresh surveys in a move to explore natural resources in the province, he remarked.

Tarinkot (PNA): People of Urozgan complain of fast-spreading security elsewhere in the province despite the deployment of Afghan Local Police (ALP).
The people of Tarinkot city and other districts demand of the government to launch a decisive move to flush out the armed and militant groups to ensure security in the area.
Hailing from Charchino district, Haji Ibrahim told Pajhwok Afghan News that his locality is in grip of deteriorated law and order and insecurity. “Taliban openly roam brandishing weapons and travel without any fear of government,” he informed.

Tarinkot (PAN): Though some development and rehabilitation projects have been implemented in Uruzgan, the province is still far backward in terms of advanced infrastructure, health and education.
These views were expressed by the province’s authorities and its residents. Residents says that roads linking the provincial capital to districts are in dilapidated condition, and they face immense trouble when shift their patients to the capital for medical treatment.

Trainkot (PAN): The economy of 98% people of Uruzgan depends on agriculture and livestock but due to government reluctance to develop the sectors, the financial miseries of the people multiply dramatically, officials and residents said.
Sardar Mohammad Alako, provincial head of agriculture and livestock department said majority of the people are associated with the occupation of agriculture and livestock but a matter of concern is that there is not suitable market for their products.

Tarinkot (PAN): Following people widespread complains that education sector is in shambles in Uruzgan, officials of the province’s education department reassured that strategy has been finalized to remove obstacles hampering the progress of the vital sector.
Providing minute details regarding functional education institutions in his province, Habib-u-Rahman, acting head of education department said that the province has 48 high, 37 intermediate and 199 primary schools with another 12 Madrassas, Dar-ul-Hifaz and 53 literacy outlets.