KABUL (PAN): Residents of Kabul province expressed optimism by saying they would participate in the upcoming elections and vote in favour of fair candidates.
However, people of the insecure areas expressed their concern that deteriorated law and order would hamper vote turn round.
Following views are expressed by residents of Kabul city and district about upcoming elections.
Government employee: I will participate along with my family in the upcoming elections:

KABUL (PAN): Residents of Kabul province complained of growing insecurity, dilapidated sewerage system, bumpy roads and lack of health facilities.
“Uneven streets, insecurity, lack of electricity and poor drainage system mammoth traffic flow amid small roads and absence of adequate health facilities haunt people of the upscale Kabul province,” they complained.
Kabul city has 11 regions and the dilemma is that problems of the rests 15 districts of Kabul province are totally different.  

KABUL (PAN): Residents of Kabul demanded the government to ensure provision of potable water, extension of streets, construction of canalization system.
Most of the residents want the government to focus attention to improve security and promote the ailing agriculture sector.

FAIZABAD (PAN): Underlining transparency in the upcoming elections, people of Badakhshan expressed concerns that security problems could hamper conducting elections in free way.
They said they would participate in the presidential and provincial elections but the concerned authorities should adopt measures to ensure peace and security ahead of the crucial stage of holding ballots.
Badakhshan including the capital center had 29 administrative units and the number of seats for male and female had not been specified for the upcoming provincial elections yet.

FAIZABAD (PAN): The strategically situated northern Badakhshan province shares borders with Tajikistan, China and Pakistan with its greater Pamir heights located on the edge with China in Wakhan district.
Heavy snowfall cause tremendous problems to the people of Badakhshan province particularly in the winter season such as blockade of dilapidated roads by avalanche, shortage of food, unemployment and spreading lawlessness.

FAIZABAD (PAN): Badakhshan people demand government to accelerate pace of reconstruction process, build factories, develop the old agriculture sector and prevent drug smuggling in the province.
The residents of the volatile province underlined the need to ensure protection of women rights.
Zabihullah Attique, member of provincial council said proper attention could not be given to develop the ailing infrastructure locally as compared to other provinces.

Majority of Faryab people have expressed resolve to take part in elections but demanded measures should be taken to reverse the growing insecurity and trend of unemployment in the province.
Faryab comprised 14 districts and located 800- kilometers north of Kabul. The province has 15 provincial council seats with four are reserved for females.
As many as 70 % area of Ghormach district, separated from Badghis Province, added to Faryab, which was controlled by Taliban.

MAIMANA (PAN): People of Faryab province complained about growing insecurity, smuggling, sale and use of narcotics, rampant corruption and unemployment.
Faizullah, a resident of Faryab said people of the province could not go outside of their district because of lawlessness and insecurity.

MAIMANA (PAN): People of the volatile Faryab demand the government to maintain security, accelerate reconstruction, establish industries and ensure provision of drinking water elsewhere in the province.
Provincial Secretary Sayyed Abdul Baqi Hashimi said the prime demand of the residents was security and enhanced law and order in the province.
He said parts of Qaisar, Almar and Pashtunkot districts were experiencing insecurity in the wake of heavy presence of armed groups, adding that reconstruction process Almar district was just crawling because of lawlessness.

CHAGHCHARAN (PAN): The residents of Ghor province say they are even deprived of basic necessities of life and facing multi-faceted problems. 
The dilapidated condition of roads with special reference Ghor- Herat and Ghor-Bamyan highways, nonexistence of electricity, limited health facilities and influence of war lords in the province have made lives of the people miserable, he added.
Mulla Abdul Karim, a resident of Chaghcharan told Pajhwok Afghan News the existence of problems in the province made everyone confused.