PUL-I-KHUMRI (PAN): Having a taotal of 14 districts, Baghlan has a population of 890,000 individuals and the province is known an industrial and agricultural zone.  
The residents of the province said administrative corruption, armed groups presence and incompetent officials were major problems that contributed immensely to insecurity.
A laborer: We want corrupt officials arrested and punished.

PULI KHUMRI (PAN): Complaining of living in a state of chaos and insecurity, people of Baghlan said the growing insecurity as compared to the past could be a conspiracy hatched by some vested interests in an attempt to sabotage the upcoming elections.
Considered as one of the most important province, Baghlan is a cross road between Kabul and six northern provinces of the country. The Baghlani Jadid district is considered among the insecure districts of the province from where insurgents launch attacks in other parts of the province and return back to their safe heavens.  

PUL-I-KHUMRI (PAN): People of northern Baghlan linked greater unity among various ethnic groups as a way forward to ensure development of the province.
 A religious scholar Maulvi Muhammad Aman said division among people on ethnic basis and the rights of minority groups were the problems being confronted to the province.
He said most of the people were locked in personal rivalries and animosity, which lasted for several decades and they were in a useless competition among one another.