Two family members of the victims of Shindand bombardment by the US forces said the two have lost nine family members in total and have different views on elections.
US forces last year bombarded a ceremony in this area where according to the official figures 90 civilians including 60 children, 15 male and as many women were killed and dozens of others sustained injuries.
Nawaabad the village where the attack occurred locates 30 kilometers south of Shindand district and 120 kilometers south of Herat city.


Herat (PAN): Complaining of growing insecurity, bad governance, poor health facilities, and outdated agriculture system, the residents of Herat Province demand of the government and the international community to take immediate measures to ameliorate the situations.
Noor Mohammad, a resident of Shindand District said that insecurity haunts the people of his area and no one is feeling safe. He said that the root cause of all problems is insecurity, which needs to be improved.

HERAT (PAN): People of the western Herat province demand of the government and international community to take accelerated measures to improve fledgling security, education sector, and health facilities. 
They want the authorities and global community to come forward to address the pressing problems their community confronts with including construction and pavement of roads and bolstering the agro sector.

As part of its election coverage plan, Pajhwok Afghan News is interviewing residents of all 34 provinces. Members of different age groups will be asked basic questions, such as whether they will participate in the August 20 presidential and provincial council polls, what they want the government to do and what their objections to official policies are.