SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Residents of Jawzjan province said they would participate in the upcoming elections but the government should first help bolster security, ensure drinking and irrigation water and create more job opportunities.
Having ten districts, Jawzjan is located 555 kilometres north of Kabul. The province has nine provincial council seats including two for women but in previous elections, women had three reserved seats.
Darzab and Qushtepah are among insecure districts of the province, which residents could not participate in the previous elections.

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Jawzjan residents complained of deteriorating security, lack of drinking and irrigation water, low quality of education and low electricity voltage.
The northern Jawzjan province is located on extreme border with Turkmenistan hence the province is the first region of benefiting from the supply of electricity.
The province has immense gas reserves, which is being utilized by the locals but people of the province want to the gas pressure should be increased.

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Jawzjan people demanded authorities to ensure write of the government and rule of law, eliminate unemployment and accelerate rehabilitation of the vital agriculture sector.
They urged the government should extend all out cooperation to provide the residents with drinking and irrigation water.
The solution to the problems being faced by the residents would help bridge the gap between the government and people, they added.

The people of Jawzjan consider insecurity and unemployment as their major problems. The province is located 570 kilometres north of the central capital Kabul and having 10 districts.
The number of its provincial council seats is nine with three of those reserved for women. The number of candidates for the provincial council is 74 and 14 of them are women.
Kidnapping for ransom, roadside landmines, killing of government employees, theft and robberies and tax collection by opponents of the government are disturbing lives of the people in the province.